TOPA is an all-in-one accounting solution developed by Dong Hanh Technology with 8 years in the field of financial & accounting for SMEs. TOPA solution is a combination of 2 parts: Accounting Services by experts and Cloud-Based Accounting System. Our mission is becoming a professional, efficient and cost-saving outsourcing accounting department for customers.

Accounting & Tax Service

We are responsible for tasks equivalent to the roles:

  • Bookkeeper & Advanced Accountant
  • Controller & Taxation Advisor
  • Chief Accountant

TOPA accountants will perform the work online, and periodically check the accouting documents and books at customer’s office.

But it does not include tasks that need to be done directly in the business of the positions

  • Treasurer
  • Storekeeper
  • Salesperson
  • Import and export employee
Cloud-Based Accounting Software

TOPA accountants and customers will work and collaborate on the online system. Information and documents are exchanged online and uploaded to the cloud storage. With created accounts customers are available to:

  • Access all accounting data, books
  • Store and manage accounting documents
  • View financial reports for management: Receivables. Payables, Stock, Revenue, Expense, Profit, Taxes

Moreover customers can choose to use additional smart features:

  • Accounts for employees to write timesheet, track salaries, advances
  • Account for salesperson to manage contracts, calculate commission
  • Customer Relationship Management module

Details scope of the service

Bookkeeper & Advanced Accountant
  • Create entries into accounting workbooks from purchasing, sales vouchers
  • Create entries into accounting workbooks from receipt, payment vouchers
  • Accounting Systems Set-up
  • Calculating depreciation of fixed assets, allocation of tools and instruments
  • Calculate the price of items in stocks
  • Set payroll, calculate employees salary, internal accounting
  • Calculating cost of goods sold, production cost
  • Perform reduction, declaration of insurance for employees
Controller & Taxation Advisor
  • Perform TAX procedures
  • Perform VAT invoice procedures
  • Tasks about VAT: Collect and issue VAT invoices; Create & submit the VAT report; VAT Invoice Usage report
  • Create & submit reports about: Import tax, Export tax, Special consumption tax, Natural resource tax, Land & housing tax, land rental charges, Other taxes
  • Calcuate and make reports of Personal Income Tax for all employees
  • Prepare annual financial statements, calculate Corporate Income Tax
  • Other taxation tasks: tax refund, tax extension, tax exemption
Chief Accountant
  • Prepare management reports: Revenue, cost, lost-profit, stock, payable, receivable
  • Prepare financial statements: Balance sheet; Lost-profit report; Cash flows; Details of the financial statement
  • Analyze financial statements and give advice to business owners
  • Control and check accounting data with actual documents
  • Explanation of accounting records with auditors and tax authorities

Deployment model

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my company need to recruit an accountant for internal accouting works when using TOPA service?

No. All accouting tasks are in the scope of our service. However, your business should have employees to coordinate and provide data for TOPA’s accountants. These are the positions of the treasurer, storekeeper; salesperson.

Do TOPA’s accountants come to my company’s office? How often?

No. All tasks are completed online via TOPA accouting software except tasks that are required to be done directly, such as prepare documents which requires company seals, director signatures or check,arrange vouchers periodically.

Do TOPA’s accountants come to offices of tax authorities, insurance authorities to perform releated tasks for our company?

Sure. All tasks about tax and employee insurance are in service’s scope.

How to notice, send information about purchasing, sales or payment of my companry to TOPA’s accountants?

There are some ways to provide TOPA accountants with this information

  • Use your phone to take photos of documents, vouchers and upload them to the accounting software
  • Use input forms to submit this information directly on the accounting software
  • For bank transactions: periodically upload bank statements of your company