In Vietnam a company must have a stamp to seal official documents, contracts … in paper. So after establishment, companies need to buy and use Company Stamp to make sure that all administrative process can be done. So we can make a guideline for buy a stamp for a new Company with this topic

Why do you need to buy a company stamp ?

Now in Vietnam Law:

Article 43. The enterprise’s seals

1. The enterprise’s seals can be physical or digital as prescribed by e-transaction laws.

2. The enterprise shall decide the type, quantity, design and content of its seal and the seals of its branches, representative offices and other units.

3. The management and storage of seals shall comply with the company’s charter or regulations of the enterprise, branch, representative office or unit that owns the seal. Seals shall be used by enterprises in transactions as prescribed by law.”

Because of that, the company stamp ( seals) is not compulsory in Business document to establishment.

Anyway, if you want to buy a digital signature or  create a bank account, you need to sign contract with the document stamped. By the way, Company need to understand how to make a company stamp.

Process to buy and use a company stamp ?

Process to buy : 

2.7.1) Buy a company stamp from a stamps provider. We will support you to do this task.

2.7.2) Approved for using the company stamp: Print the documents below, sign with holograph signature of Mr. Florin Pisica and your company stamp. All required information has been filled in.

Link of documents: ( 5 files)

2.7.3) Store signed and sealed documents internally at your company’s office.

Sample  to sign & seal company stamp

It’s very simple to make a company stamp & Sign a contract right.

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